These two items have been essentials I’ve taken to many places. Just like anything they only hold the value you given them. The origami heart I longer own or know where it may be but that taught me not be careless with something I value. The watch that tells no time has been a constant reminder that you’re the only one that can place constraints & limitations on your abilities and growth. It’s always the little things that make the biggest impacts. #KeepPushing (at Wisdom’s Den)

Chronicle I

"It’s said that our experiences are the sum total of the thoughts we had prior to…"

That statements resonates more and more these days since I’ve been on my personal sabbatical. I had to disconnect from people, places, and things for a minute cause it’s looking real groundhog’s day like out here with the way people maneuver. The days of being you or having a distinct personality are rare if not gone but to each their own I say…

I’m still trekking through exploring and discovering new things but now it’s time to chronicle them and share with those of you interested. Mostly so I can reflect on my growth as I progress. It’s still slander and shit in my heart so don’t feel cause I’m bettering my situation I won’t address the disrespect! Blame Brooklyn….anyway enjoy and respect that no matter where you find yourself it’s where you brought yourself to be.

"It is written"

The champagne’s free but the chivalry cost…